Boso no Mura: Little Edo near Narita

Parents and kids wandered the streets of Boso no Mura. The open-air museum has been created to breathe life into the traditional local lifestyle and crafts of the Boso Peninsula. Within the recreated Edo-period village, there were numerous shops. ¬†Unlike other similar attractions, each of the shop were “working” replicas, meaning that they were occupied by craftsmen performing the ¬†actual craft.

For example, there was a katana shop where we were able to watch a sword smith, forging his katana as he heated it up in the furnace and hammered it into shape. Then there was a tea house, where we sipped tea; although one could also partake in a traditional tea ceremony. There was also a spice shop, where we tried our hand at shaving cinnamon quills.

At the end of the street, we discovered a pier where you could enjoy a boat ride down the river. As we wandered pass the main street, we were surprised to find small roads leading off the main thoroughfare to the “countryside”. Farmhouses with attached barnyards lie beyond some tended farmland. There was even a school found further within the park.

This was one of the most insightful and comprehensive glimpse we had experienced on the Edo-period. Though most of the visitors were families with children, even two grown-ups like us had our share of fun at this interactive museum.

day trips from narita and tokyo
The main street of Boso no Mura
layover in Narita
Sword smith at Boso no Mura
day trips from Tokyo
Edo-style house at Boso no Mura
day trips outside Tokyo
Farmhouse at Boso no Mura



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